Monday, 23 January 2017

I am so excited!!!

It was my birthday this week - a half-round one as the Czechs say - and I had some simply wonderful presents.   But one in particular I cannot wait to share with you all.  And I don't even have to write a whole blogpost to do it since its creator has done it for me!

Before Small Worlds opened in 2013 I was lucky enough to find a haul of dolls houses in Essex, of which this was one.   Since then it has been standing on the windowsill in the museum, with the upstairs almost empty, a semi-furnished kitchen, and in the other downstairs room, the beginnings of a dolls house maker's workshop.

After my daughter-in-law Laura's successes with jewellery and corsets - all to be found in Gosthwaite's Department Store, though sadly there is no photo of the corsets in situ - I mentioned the need for a supply of dolls houses for this workshop.   

One very good reason for enlisting her help on this project was that she had already given me a delightful little room box with a similar theme, which is probably what gave me the idea of a bigger workshop. 


Empty now!
I was a little taken aback yesterday, almost at the end of the present opening session, to be handed a plastic cauldron brimming with red and silver tissue paper wrapped parcels, all neatly labelled and numbered, coupled with the instruction to open them over a tray....

I soon saw why, and if you go straight to Laura's blog you too can read all about it and admire the delights that I unwrapped.

Thank you so much Laura - I can't believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by such talented family and friends, so many of you willing to have a go at whatever I suggest might be possible - even if you had had no idea that you might have miniature skills at your finger-tips!

I had intended to end with a photo of the contents of the cauldron, beautifully set out in their temporary home here in England.   I have decided, however, to hold it over till the next blogpost because I think some of you might see the photo before reading Laura's blog and that would spoil the delightful suspense!

So watch this space.....


  1. Just been and looked - WOW!!!

    1. It is indeed WOW! And it all looks even better set up, I can't wait to get it to Small Worlds in March.

  2. Belated birthday wishes. I heard from Alison that you and me are now the same age though my birthday was Jan 1st

    Off to have a look at Laura's blog

    Chrissie xxx

    1. Even more belated wishes to you! Strange to be this age isn't it? I remember a wise English teacher once saying to us that even when we were old and grey, there would be an age in our heads that we would always think that we were. I am twelve...

  3. I've been and looked too, what an amazing present.


  4. I saw Laura's post yesterday, and am so thrilled at the brilliant present she's made for you! xx

  5. ...and I've another picture for you on my blog, too -

  6. Coming from Alison's post, and never far from her.. so from you too by the way!.. :) You look like being a SO MUCH talented whole family, uncredibly!
    Today I just want to wish you a very happy belated birthday!!!
    Corinne (from france) x

    1. Thank you Corinne - nice to meet you on here....