Friday 2 April 2021

From Vanoce to Velikonoce.... other words, from Christmas to Easter.  The time between the two seems to have swept past very quickly this time.   If you had told me in March last year that I would be spending these two festivals in the Czech Republic rather than the UK I should probably not have believed you.

But there you go, the best laid plans etc etc.  If I have learned anything in this year of Covid it is that making plans is a fairly futile activity.  I should have headed back to the UK before Christmas.  No. Then at the end of January. No. And now it seems as if my latest plan to try again before the end of April, after my second vaccination, may also come to nothing.   But who knows?  It is as it is and no amount of fretting will change it.

The last time I was in the CR for Easter was in 2017.   In fact, that is the only other time I have been able to put an Easter window into Small Worlds.   Since the number of Easter-related items I possess is small compared with Christmas ones, I was afraid that whatever I found for the window would make it very like the last time.

However, as you will see if you visit both windows, you have indeed met most of the things before, but I am pleased to say the constituent parts are enjoying themselves differently this year......

One of the strange effects of Covid for me is that despite in theory having a lot more time on my hands than usual, there is a huge reluctance to do anything constructive with it.   So although I could have thoroughly tidied the museum workrooms and made much progress on the planned miniature second-hand bookshop, none of that has happened.   And the Easter display, which could have been ready and waiting to go into the window, only came into being on Wednesday 31st March, with Butterfly's help,  and you will not be able to read this blogpost till Good Friday at the earliest.

Nevertheless, it comes with my heartfelt good wishes for a happy and peaceful Easter, full of sunshine and chocolate eggs!  Energy levels are low at the moment, despite the sunshine outside, so I am not fighting with New Horrible Blogger, but just leaving you a stream of pictures to enjoy.

So this is some of what I started with....

And here comes the result, with the odd (musical?)comment attached:

Test layout before going into the window...

If you go down in the woods today.....oops, sorry, wrong animals

These birds really do make this noise.....

Vainly waiting to pour a cuppa for Mrs Tiggywinkle, who is otherwise occupied

And finally wishing you all a very happy Easter filled with spring sunshine. 

Thank you for visiting

 PS the ducks insisted that I include their action sequence at the end....splish, splash, splosh!