Wednesday 27 March 2024

Easter Parade

This year is whizzing past. Hardly has Butterfly put in the Christmas window display and we are on to the next festive season....

I love the coming of spring, and with it the bright colours of Easter. Spring arrives somewhat later in the Czech Republic than in England, but it's all the more welcome for that.  Bulbs are coming up all over the garden and the blossom is showing itself across the countryside.  If you want to enjoy a peek at these delights then take a look at Butterfly's Bohemian home instagram account..  She heads out with her phone camera at every ray of sunshine!

The sun is shining in Small Worlds too. This time this window display will only be in situ for a short while as the plan is that I head for England in mid-April and before I go, the summer one needs to be in place.  But that gave us a chance to be unashamedly Easter-focused!

It makes for quite an easy operation since over the years I have gathered many Easter-related items so little actual making is involved.  The trick is to make the display a bit different from previous years, of which there have been just two since we opened in 2013.  I was not usually in the CR in March/April in the past. If you take a look back at Easter 2017  and then at 2021 you can see what I mean about repurposing!.   

Regulars to this blog will know I like to add a little musical accompaniment but I searched in vain this time for an Easter song for this picture-filled post.  It wasn't till I read through what I posted in 2021 that I found I had already used up pretty well all the spring time songs around - though I did discover to my surprise today that Elvis had recorded one. Maybe not one of his best?

Perhaps you should prioritise the songs I found in 2021.   Speaking of the pictures, don't forget that clicking on each photo will enlarge it.....

So without more ado, I offer you a selection of photos of events in the Small Worlds window, starting with a few from the small display on the table inside, which is ready for the Spring Market on Saturday 20th April when we will be open to the public.

Once again my grateful thanks to Butterfly for putting into the window so coherently and effectively all the stuff I had dug up, and for taking the photos.

I wish you all a peaceful, cheerful, sun-filled Easter (temps due to hit 21 degrees here by Saturday) and look forward to seeing you again soon!

On the table inside - note that our visitors' book is also a house. Made by Butterfly.  You can just spot the children's corner in the background.  The egg-enclosed figures are all from the Eggberts Collection, dating from (I think) the 1970s/80s.


Gathering the makings....

In situ.....

Šťastné a veselé Velikonoce!