Monday 20 December 2021

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.....

....if you can find the time between two house moves, one deep into a Covid-ridden Europe.  I am afraid that Christmas has been relegated to the back of my mind this year, as has progress in Small Worlds.

I have only just returned to the Czech Republic from the UK, where I have been since last July closing down our house there, and arranging for the bulk of my possessions to be moved across to the CR. A task made far, far more difficult thanks to the nonsensical intricacies of the new rules following Brexit.  

I have found a delightful bolthole in the countryside just outside Hertford, for my hopefully frequent visits back to the UK, and so the rest of my worldly goods have gone there.   My thanks to my new landlords who have done so much to make me welcome, and to all those who have helped with the move - Jo, Lynda, Sheila, Julia, I am looking at you! And of course Adam and Alison.  None of it could have been done without you.

Not being able to safely open Small Worlds to the public this past year has meant I have spent little time there, hence the dearth of blogposts, for which I apologise.  I hope for better things next year.

However, I did get back to Bavorov last week in time for us to put in a Christmas window at top speed (Butterfly did most of it - thank you Butterfly).

We gathered together some decorations.....  

and all our Christmas stuffed toys.   Butterfly spent an evening wrapping parcels.... 

 ....and Rose's Christmas tree stood ready to be decorated. 

Sadly, photos taken through the window of the finished display are never very successful, and we did not do the usual test run out of the window (apart from the few pictures showing what was going in) so what I leave you with will serve to give you an idea of the horde of cuddly toys celebrating Christmas. They of course wish you all the very best delights of the season, as do I!

Let us hope that 2022 brings some return to normality. In the meantime the incomparable Judy is here to wish us all a merry little Christmas now.   (She is singing in 1944 - it is poignant to realise how apt the words are to us today. )