Sunday, 15 June 2014

Open again!

A really easy post for me today - it won't even be graced by a single picture.  Just a brief report on yesterday's opening and then straight over to Butterfly for the first of her three reports this week on the stunning work she has been doing here for the past five weeks.

As regular readers know, she and I came over to the Czech Republic at the end of April, to get Small Worlds ready for its second season.   My inability to resist buying dolls houses meant a complete reorganisation of the available space - you can read all about that here.

Then we each worked on separate houses and after five weeks of intensive labour, headed back to England so that Butterfly could resume her "normal" life.    I stayed a week and then sped back here, doing the journey faster than I have done since my knees started playing up about six years ago.

The speed was necessary - the school in Bavorov celebrated 100 years of existence yesterday, with all sorts of festivities around the centenary, and there was also a Farmers' Market which takes place right next to Small Worlds.   So I definitely wanted to open for the summer season on Saturday 14th June 2014.  I was even prepared to work to Czech time for once and we opened the doors at 7.45 am.....I shan't make a habit of that though!

I was delighted with the number of visitors.   Fortunately my very skilled young helper from last summer was able to be there as well and for six hours we barely sat down, or stopped talking.   Some of the people who came had been anxiously waiting for Small Worlds to reopen so that they could see what was new; others were there for the first time and from what they were saying, they'll be back too.

I had planned to take a few photos during the day - in the event that simply wasn't possible.

However Butterfly more than makes up for my lack of pictures with her fascinating post on her makeover of the Tudor Tavern.   So I would urge you to make haste to her blog and enjoy the tale for yourself.   And you can do so in the knowledge that, as I said in my comment below her post, in this case you almost get a better view of the wonders by seeing them in close-up photos, rather than in real-life.   

But don't let that put you off planning a visit to Small Worlds one day!   It would be lovely see any of you - and this is a very beautiful part of the world, well worth a holiday visit.....


  1. Butterfly pics were terrific and showed Small World's in it's glory.

    So pleased that lots of people got to enjoy it yesterday I am sure you were very proud and deservedly so.

    Enjoy your time there

    Love Chrissie x

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  3. HEAVENS - So many typing errors could not be displayed, so I had to delete my last message! My right hand is misbehaving and not pressing the keys hard enough, so I'll try again.

    Hearty congratulations on such a busy opening day. How wonderful to have had so many enthusiastic visitors. Sadly I couldn't be one of them. Visiting you there is now one of my ambitions. I flipped back to the earlier post to look at the photos, though, and they are so clear and interesting that it amost felt like being there.

    Congratulations also to the school on their centenary. I enjoyed a visit to their website. Though, obviously, the text was not something I could read, I enjoyed the photos. It is always fun for an ex-teacher to see another school in operation, particularly one in a far off place. It looks as if it is a very happy place to work or learn.

    Enjoy your summer in your other home!

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment. I'm so glad you took a look at the school website. One of my greatest friends here is a wonderful teacher at the school and you are right, it is a happy place to work - not least in her classroom! You can see her in the photo next to the teatable in this post: - red checked dress.
      I do hope you manage to make it one day! I have spare beds in my house (full-size ones!)

  4. Well done for a timely opening :-) And how lovely that people have been eagerly awaiting you!

    I have marvelled at and commented on Butterfly's blog...May I urge you to consider adopting Tudor dress during opening hours? You could have a flagon of ale to hand - containing delicious Czech beer of course. Or tea.

    A xx

    PS you know they had mice in Tudor times, right? I was encouraged by Butterfly's mention of a troupe of travelling players...

    1. I notice you haven't dared float that idea to Butterfly! Especially given her current anti-mouse feelings.

      Should I also don Japanese attire and then Dutch costume complete with clogs on other days? How do I decide what to wear when prithee?