Friday 14 September 2012

Why so silent?

Hello again!   Some of you may have been wondering why there has been no recent update on my blog.   These photos may give you a tiny clue..... The first one shows the view as you peer into the garage from the front - those who have been following my journey will recognise the big Tudor house which was part of the Essex Haul.   And next to it, almost out of the picture, you can just get a tantalising glimpse of the roof of my most recent serendiptious purchase - £8.50 on ebay.   More on that will be revealed in due course.......

If you make your tortuous way past the lethal roof rack on the left, and the teetering piles of packing boxes on the right (banana boxes are just great since they come complete with lids), you will reach a heap of stuff intended for one last car boot sale which I am not sure we will in fact achieve this year.   

And beyond that, in the dark recesses of the cobwebby garage, is a daunting jumble of houses, large cardboard boxes, uniboxes and other plastic containers, most of which have been nestling there for about ten years now.   For anyone worried about the state of the houses - I can assure you that the delicate ones are packed in the boxes, the ones balancing on top are a)very robust and b) needed major attention anyway.

The houses, and all my other miniature items, were rushed into the garage ten years ago, when we urgently needed the room that housed them, and I haven't really seen them since.   Partly because I was too scared to see if they had suffered any damage.   However it looks as if they are mostly fine, just very dirty.   Sadly I can't really remember what is in the packed boxes so my idea of them being shipped straight across to the museum room in Bavorov on 5th October won't work.  

In the next two weeks the houses etc have to be moved up into our front room so that I can work through everything before it goes.   In order to do that we need space in the front room, which at the moment looks like this as we prepare for an in-house book sale. (Please email me for details if you are interested).

My son was recently explaining to his wife just what trying to move stuff in my house at the moment actually entails....."it's like those little plastic puzzles" he said, "the ones where you move the pieces around to get things in the right place.   One tile is missing so that you have a space to move the other tiles.   The only problem " he continued "is that in her house the space is missing.....".   Oh how true! 

However we have now chucked out the dying freezer, thus achieving a tile space, and work continues.   Not exactly apace, but at least there is movement.

Meanwhile, in another 
country.......but that's for the next blog.   I hope to see you again soon - there should then be some photos of the work in progress in the museum room, which those of you with me on my journey will remember looked rather brown and dismal  when I left Bavorov at the end of July. 
Thank you for following me so far and please send lots of positive thoughts for the next three weeks!   I know there is a goddess of carparking - I am hoping there is one covering packing and moving as well.......


  1. *sends lots of positive thoughts*

  2. I honestly believe that if you can move a dolls' house (especially one with contents) you can do anything! And as you already have moved these houses about...good luck with the Big Move, and may the goddesses of storage and carparking smile on you throughout :-)

  3. Oh, I am so curious about what's going on in Another Country:-)

  4. Good luck with your Big Move, Gil!

    I know exactly about the similarity of moving stuff in a house (also works like this in a big flat, I can tell) and "plastic puzzles"... good thing that comes with it is: many treasures. hidden from sight (and remembrance) for quite a long time, come forth, back into light!


    die amelie xxx

  5. Have just had idea for new reality TV show - televising people moving house (particularly downsizing after a long time) and becoming reacquainted with the long-forgotten contents of boxes. I'd watch it. A x

  6. Good luck for moving ! Thank you for visting me!
    xxx Susi