Small Worlds - Museum Information

Dollshouses, models and other tiny toys 
collected and made over more than forty years 

A permanent exhibition

Dr. Mareše 370
387 73 Bavorov
(next to the library)


Summer 2020 – opening hours

I am happy to tell you that Small Worlds will be open during most of the summer but our opening hours have been affected by Covid 19 and will change week by week. Sadly, some weeks we may be closed.

Each week’s opening hours will be posted on here, and on notices at the museum, but for certainty you can phone 00420-608 233 310.


Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August incl.: 10.00-16.00
Monday 10th August to Friday 14th August incl. 13.00-16.00
Saturday 15th August 10.00-16.00
Sunday 16th August (village festival) 9.00-15.00

Further dates will be posted here in due course
Please phone 608233310 for up to date information

In special circumstances, for example a group wishing to visit outside the opening hours displayed, please phone 00420-608 233 310 at least a day in advance and, if possible, we will try to arrange a visit for you.

I apologise for the variable opening hours which are because I cannot be there myself at the moment but I hope that things may still return to normal later in the summer.  I miss my visitors and houses!

Contact: or 00420-608233310

Do you remember when you were little? I mean really little, when everything in the grown-up world was too big for you, and it seemed there was always someone bigger telling you where to go, what to do … and then someone gave you a dollshouse, or a model garage. Or perhaps a train set or puppet theatre.  

Maybe your Mum or Dad made it for you, maybe a kind aunt or uncle bought it, perhaps it was handed down from another member of the family. No matter. Suddenly there was this small world where you made the decisions; decided where everything went, and what they should do …

And now I have brought my collection over from England to Bavorov, and you can recapture that feeling of wonder, or introduce your child to the delights of these miniature realms. 

Some of the houses are in need of renovation, so you will see how they are being faithfully restored by me and my daughter Alison and our friends.  Maybe you can join in and help during a guided workshop.  

New exhibits will arrive, needing more expert attention. There will always be something new to see, whether it is that the dolls have moved from having tea in the sitting-room to cleaning the attics, or that the medieval house is now redecorated and has a proper staircase. 

These small worlds are places of wonder for adults and children alike – come and lose yourself among them for a while, and remember what it was like when you were little too.

Grateful thanks to Laura Bomber for the artwork and Ruth Allen for the text