Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Season's Greetings from Small Worlds

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a peaceful 2016
May we share many more miniature adventures together!

Anyone enjoying a visit to Bavorov this Christmas will find this greeting waiting for them in the window of Small Worlds.    Sadly most of you following my posts may never make it to my village in the Czech Republic, but I am so glad that you are still following my museum journey and should like to wish you all the very best this Christmas and for the forthcoming year.  

PS - A Christmas Coincidence.....
Just after I put this post up, an email arrived about a polar bear in dire straits in a zoo in Argentina.   Since this year's Small Worlds card was actually developed out of finding the polar bear in a charity shop, I thought that for once I would put up a link to a petition,something I would not normally do.   But after all, it is Christmas!

So if you would like to support the campaign for Arturo to be moved to a more suitable environment, please click here.   And should you actually want to adopt a polar bear you can do so through the World Wild Life Fund......

Once again - Happy Christmas!


  1. I always feel that I am visiting Small Worlds when I read your posts though I will never be able to see the real thing.

    Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned for Christmas and have a wonderful 2016

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Hmmm... now, which pole are we at? Can't be the South Pole - no polar bears there. Can't be the North Pole - no penguins there. Guess the World is so Small that we're at both at the same time. Merry Christmas to the inhabitants of Small Worlds!

    1. Oh come,come, you are not the appointed picky-person on this website....

      And if there are penguins on some South Sea island or other, the exact place escapes me, why not at the North Pole?

  3. i vote that the penguins all move to Florida, USA. that would solve the problem of finding one when you need one! Happy Holidays to all! comfort

  4. Beautiful scene. Maybe they have traveled somewhere, away from both poles. Happy New Year!