Thursday, 31 July 2014

Where did they go?

Those of you following this blog carefully may remember that when Butterfly worked on the Opera Singer's House (known for short in Small Worlds as The Diva Dum (dum is Czech for house), she decided that she could not house Susanne's original family in it.   Not enough beds, nor rooms that would easily accommodate them.

So for a few weeks the family took up residence in the big doll box which contains assorted beings of various shapes and sizes, some of them naked, some headless, many in varying states of undress.   

Although the family had lived in a box for many years in Susanne's attic - here they can be seen blinking in the first light of day for a long time -they were clearly now not happy in their temporary home, so I felt it necessary to find them a suitable alternative venue as soon as possible.

They had actually emerged briefly during last summer, when two friends from England, Jill and Sheila, had their first attempt at some mini-dressmaking.  They'll be back in September, I hope for another go!  

I looked around Small Worlds to find the family a suitable home but there was no Edwardian house to be found.  

The Walmer Victorian is well and truly peopled, and is in any case of a slightly earlier period.....

When Butterfly and I arrived back in Bavorov in April we immediately removed the window display which had been in place since last September, replacing it with a hastily assembled (in more senses than one) collection of pop-up books of houses and shops.   I managed to forget to take any photos of the new display but it featured several of these.

Cue very slight digression: whilst searching for the pop-up images I came across this delightful website called "Victoria Stitch". I know some of you will enjoy it greatly - I can't wait to explore it further, especially the miniatures section.   But it's all delightful, including the personal part.

I was anxious not to leave the books in the window too long - apart from anything else the strong sunshine was fading them.   In any case I wanted a fresh display for the opening day on June 14th.  So what to put there?   The town museum had decided that they no longer wanted to display the French patisserie with the artist's studio upstairs
and it was standing forlornly in my barn - no space in Small Worlds.

So what better than to kill two birds with one stone and use it in the window, adding the evicted family rather than the Caco dolls that were presently enjoying tea and cakes there? (Oops, another homeless family....)

But surely Susanne's deserved a treat after so long in durance vile? 

No sooner said than done. 

Mother, father and grandmama took seats in the café.

Meanwhile,louche uncle had clearly commissioned a portrait of his latest love and taken his place upstairs to oversee the painting, 


whilst Miss Prim the governess, allowed to don a frivolous hat for once, took charge of the children outside......

Even the former servants found new jobs behind the café's counter

It didn't stay quite like that mark you. Milena the Milliner - you will remember her work from my last post - felt that neither Miss Prim the governess, nor mama, were showing to their best advantage.   So mama went to the milliner's for a new hat and dashing matching cummerband

and Miss Prim was allowed to choose a hat rather more fitting to the heat of the day. 
Whilst mama was at the milliner's, papa and his mother (or could she be his mother-in-law?) had clearly had words and she had flounced off to another table.

Mama returned from her expedition with some new headgear for her husband as well as herself.
Let's hope they shortly resolve their differences so that they can all enjoy their new "home".  

After all, who would not wish to live in a place like this???

Thank you for continuing to follow the adventures in Small Worlds. If you missed the details of Butterfly's labours of love in the Tudor Tavern and the gallimaufry of other tasks you can find them by clicking on the links.

I hope to see you again soon when - don't hold your breath though - this  may finally make its appearance! 

PS Just for Andrea....(see comments below)


  1. What a wonderfully fitting new abode for them! They all look so happy (except Papa, who appears mired in gloom, possibly at the thought of the huge cake and hat bills), I am ignoring your Rachmanesque summary evictions. I think the lucky cafe-dwellers will have some years of missed cake-munching to catch up on (with?). WHERE IS THE BABY???? And has the tartan-waistcoated chap morphed into The Artist?

    Happy sigh. Thank you.

    1. Heigh ho, I could have guessed who would notice the absence of the baby - see the PS. Satisfied?

      No, no morphing required, The Artist has been around a long, long time in his own persona. Tartan waistcoat was still in the box as his trousers were less than suitable for a public appearance but as you can see from the two additional photos he has hastily dressed and rushed to take up his position as a showman for the next Bumpa Julie (as it is known in our family, courtesy of a very young Butterfly) show....

      Any more requests? We aim to please.....:-)

    2. Well I can see a baby carriage, but who's to say it's occupied? The Social are on standby... Tartan Man looks a little scary. And what's that fellow doing in the background?

    3. For goodness sake, it's the Italian ice-cream man...the hokey-pokey man....

      I can assure you that the carriage is occupied.

      Tartan Man is just calling "Roll up, Roll up, next Bumpa Julie show starts soon".

    4. Yes I know it's the ice-cream man (Antonio, perhaps?) but he is looking shifty. Is Tartan Man the Bumpa Julie operative? He'll be jolly hot in that jumper.

      Excellent stuff.

    5. He's filling up the Just one Cornetto container....cue song.

      Yes indeed, the operative. Well I had to cover up the somewhat skimpy waistcoat with something. Jumper courtesy of Sheila (Randall that is :-))

  2. I LOVE this!
    As we move out of our big people house for a couple of months, it is wonderful to see another family being rehomed.... but my heart goes out to the disposessed Caco family.... they must feel the same as we do... or worse, because we know we will be back here...but, what of them? Where will they go?
    Jenni x

    1. I hope your real-life (temporary) move goes smoothly Jenann. A visitor today felt rather as you do and came up with the idea of the Art Deco Triang for the Caco family. I think it just might work - after all, they wouldn't be less appropriate than the Sylvanians would they?

  3. Goodness, headless and homeless dolls. Whatever next. Every time we visit your blog we wish we still had our dolls house.

    1. Nice to see you Bears....I bet I could find you a house :-)

  4. The Edwardians all look very splendid in the patisserie (and environs) - and especially all re-millined (?! - a milliner must millin you, no?). What a lovely window it must make. Happy to see the Bumpa Julie out and about - I'm thinking I must have made that Punch, did I?

    Wifi signal not the best here... but otherwise all well and a lovely first day's workshops.

    1. I think Punch must have been you - was the time of many bears. Booth was husband of Dorothy in Stevenage, his name escapes me, but think I wouldn't have booth had Punch not been ours....

      Am pleased with the tree - more KIK :-)

  5. wow these are so enchanting .. pure delight , love the exquisite work you create , amazing x

  6. Love the Edwardian family and that they have all found something to do. Hope the Caco's find a new home soon.